What is a Clubhouse?


The Clubhouse Model is based on a philosophy containing four basic tenets:

  • Everyone needs to feel connected to a community; thus the notion of membership is important.
  • Everyone needs to know that s/he is expected someplace on a daily basis.
  • Everyone needs to feel needed, that one’s presence is important to others.
  • Everyone needs to believe there is at least one place on the planet where s/he is truly wanted.

Clubhouse is:

A community of people organized to support individuals living with mental health challenges.  Through participation in a clubhouse, members have opportunities to reconnect to the worlds of friendship, important work, employment, and education.  

The clubhouse concept is organized around the belief in the potential for productive contributions from everyone and hold the conviction that structured meaningful activities and work-related relationships are restorative and provide the foundation for growth and individual achievement.

Members and staff share the responsibility for the successful operation of the clubhouse as they learn each other’s strengths, talents and abilities. The activities of the Northern Lights Clubhouse can be divided into units:

  • Administrative (education and connection to community resources, housekeeping, newsletter, supporting fundraising events)
  • Employment and Academic support
  • Holistic wellness activities (yoga, gardening, WRAP, health and social activities)
  • Culinary and nutrition (planning and preparing a healthy lunch for all members)



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P.O. Box 714 Ely, Minnesota 55731
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Phone: 218-235-9539
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715 S Central Ave
Ely, Minnesota 55731
(St Mary's Episcopal Church)
Hours of Operation: 
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
10:00am - 3:00pm
See Calendar for details and for other planned Clubhouse socials and activities.
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